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Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy defined in this document (defined as the Privacy Policy) pertain to the Eightomic website at eightomic.com, including all subdomains and subdirectories (defined as Eightomic), as a notice to you, the user (defined as the User) and Eightomic.

Eightomic may modify and update the Privacy Policy at any moment in time.

Eightomic collects IP addresses.

Eightomic collects email addresses from contact form submissions.

The aforementioned information may be transmitted through other services, such as a cloud storage provider or an email delivery service.

Usernames may show up publicly as "already in use by another user" if another user tries to use the same username.

Eightomic may use collected email addresses for direct communication.

Eightomic may use collected IP addresses for website security.

Liability for activity in conjunction with providing information to Eightomic, whether the aforementioned information is public or private, must not be assumed by Eightomic.

The Privacy Policy was updated on June 26th, 2024.